Fyuse – The New Selfie App?


According to an article on Tech.co, there are at least 93 million selfless taken every single day, and smartphone users check their phone 100 billion times a day! It makes complete sense to see different tech companies trying to get even a tiny part of that market and Fyuse (Available on iTunes and Google Play) is one of those. Launched in 2014, Fyuse offers users the technology they need to take 360-degree interactive photos.

fyuse hold

The Pros:

I decided to test out Fyuse myself to see what this app is really about. There were a few super positive parts of the app that I noticed right away:

  • Super easy to sign up (Facebook login)
  • Easy to understand
  • Really clear photos
  • Ability to cut length to edit video
  • Operates as its own social media
  • Unique

The Cons:

Overall, this is definitely an app I will be using. I think it will be cool to use on my upcoming Thailand trip and definitely can go a long way with showing a beautiful backdrop or taking a selfie with a gorgeous background. There were only a few negative points to the app that I saw when using it:

  • Compatible ONLY with Facebook (who uses Facebook as their main social media these days?)
  • Although it’s unique, I’m not sure how different it is from just making a video on Instagram

 Marketing Use:

As I’ve mentioned before, selfies are completely an “in” thing right now… so this app serves its purpose as a beautiful selfieapp, but how can you apply it to marketing? One idea that immediately comes to mind is real estate. I recently bought an apartment as an investment property and they had introduced a new 3D technology app for their building… but it crashes. A lot. I can see Fyuse being a great way for real estate agents and property owners to use 3D visuals of properties to help potential buyers and investors really see the property.

A second thing that comes to mind is using the app to sell vehicles. If my future Audi R8 was shown on Fyuse I would look at it many, many times in a day.

These are just two different examples of different ways the app can be used. In reality, putting products under the fingertips of consumers allows them to connect directly with the product and get a complete visual that a photo alone just can’t provide.

fyuse marketing

2 thoughts on “Fyuse – The New Selfie App?

  1. anhaines says:

    I really enjoyed hearing your experience with this app! I had never heard of it before so it was definitely something new to me. After doing a little bit of research it was more clear to me exactly what it was. So cool! I love how the picture looks like a regular photo but when you tilt or swipe your screen, it moves and you can see more of the panoramic photo. Fyuse’s CEO Radu Rusu describes his motivation behind creating the app with this quote: “Ten years ago I realized something was missing. A photo is a moment in time. A video captures time. But what about a moment in space? This is my daughter Emma (http://fyu.se/v/ca3be38b7). As you move the phone, you can see her from different angles – as if you had a window looking into the past. This captures so much more than a photo – her laugh, the way I hold her, the way she moves her little hands. My team has been working on this for the last 2 years. I can’t wait to share it with the world.” (Woloszynowicz, 2014).

    This can definitely be useful in marketing. Especially for the channels you described. I wonder though if this will eventually be compatible with photo sharing sites such as Instagram or Pinterest?!


    Woloszynowicz, M. (2014, December 17). Introducing Fyuse, The New App that Revolutionizes 3D Photography. Retrieved from https://fstoppers.com/apps/introducing-fyuse-new-app-revolutionizes-3d-photography-50132


    • Puneet Thiara says:

      Thanks for the read & comment Alanna!
      This app was really cool to check out! I definitely can see it being connected to Pinterest in the future simply because it would be an easy pin and a lot of the pins lead to pages that you have to click on in order to see the rest. In this way, clicking on a pin would lead users to the full interactive 3D photo. Instagram however would be a difficult one unless they were to form some sort of partnership or integration. It will definitely be interesting to see what becomes of this App in the near future!


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