Facebook Q&A: What You Missed

If you didn’t watch the Facebook Q&A, here are the most important parts in connection with what you can expect from Facebook in the long and short-term:

More Options Than a “Like” Button are Coming!
Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the testing phase is coming soon. Major news networks are reporting that this announcement means a dislike button, however if you actually watch the video you see Zuckerberg talk about how the company didn’t want to build a dislike button to vote up or down on a post. Although he says that the company has listened, he doesn’t actually specifically say it will be a “dislike” button. Instead he says they have an “idea” that they are going to test soon in order to let users express understanding and respond to something that might be considered awkward to hit “like” on. It will be interesting to see what this new roll out will actually be, and if it is indeed a “dislike” button. It’s intriguing how they will apply it so Facebook doesn’t become a “down voting” community as Zuckerberg was initially concerned about.

Live Streaming
The Q&A was done through live streaming and this is obviously something that we can expect to see rolled out eventually. This could be a cool tool for travel, any experiences, or even celebrities reaching out to fans for marketing purposes!

Interactive Gaming
Mark shared an interactive gaming experience that I am actually pretty excited about; physically playing ping-pong with other users online. This means you would both have a paddle in order to play this game. This is going to be a great tool to connect with others online internationally through Facebook.

Video Chat
This is currently being rolled out and will be connected through Facebook Chat. Becoming a one stop destination for all communications through mobile devices is a huge advantage, and the success of this roll out could make or break this option.

As Facebook continues to grow not only as a company, but also in their contributions to society, it will be interesting to see just how much the company can expand. Definitely one to keep an eye on… until then, back to my Facebook feed.

For those interested in watching the full recording:

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